What’s Happening in Nova Scotia (Sat. June 30, 2018 – Fri. July 13, 2018)

To see events and details (including times and maps) check out the full calendar below – it’s updated often. Meals, craft shows, bake sales and festivals throughout the province.

Remember – there are plenty of Canada Day Events this weekend.

I know, I know – what about the lobster suppers? I’m looking and will update as I find them!

Seaside Lobsterfest in River Bourgeois, St. Peter’s, Rockdale, L’Ardoise and Potlotek from July 11-15th.

For the whole kit and kaboodle, here’s the calendar.

PSA = The weather is guessing game so if you plan on visiting and being on the road – please check environment canada.

I am tinkering with a new layout for this blog that I hope provides the best information so bear with me as for now it is not as fleshed out as typical. That said, I have definitely been updating the calendars as I find out about community happenings.

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