Welcome to a Slice of Nova Scotia

As a resident of Nova Scotia for 20 years there are plenty of things here that I find charming. Many remind me of my Newfoundland home. Yes, you can have a great meal or a delicious plate of fudge but there is real value for me to be part of something wonderful. Directly or indirectly these organizations and volunteers do valuable work for friends and strangers – often when people find themselves most vulnerable.

Two in particular:

Community Meals

If you are looking for a delicious lobster supper, a pancake breakfast or a roast beef dinner – many organizations province-wide produce the best home cooked, fairly priced meals. They use the proceeds for many things – a new roof, repave a parking lot, services to the larger community. I can’t think of a better reason to support them.

Craft and Bake Sales

I love a good bottle of jam, a lemon loaf or a pair of knit socks. One of the best places to get any of these items is a craft or bake sale in a church hall, community centre or similar. You can ALWAYS find one happening – but especially at Christmas.

Other Events and Festivals

But hey – Nova Scotia’s awesome doesn’t end here. There are piles of farmers markets, festivals, conferences, formal and informal get-togethers as well. Totally worth a visit!

All of these community events influenced me to create these calendars. If you see something missing, please E-mail me.

But hey – if all this clicking makes you tired – just click here for everything in one spot!

Thanks Everyone,


PS. If anyone asks where you found out about their event, please point them to www.nscommunityevents.ca

*  This isn’t an official site for anything, just a personal mission to join people and fun stuff in my adopted province!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to a Slice of Nova Scotia

    1. There are a couple of Lobster festivals in July (which include Lobster Dinners) – Digby on July 1 & 2 and Pictou from July 7-9. The Shore Club in Hubbards (close to Halifax) also has lobster dinners a couple times a week.


    2. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately the time frame is wrong for 1st two. We have booked for the Hubbards Shore Club for July 12th but are open to any other. July 9 – 25


      1. River John Festival Days runs from July 23-29 and they traditionally have many lobster meals – I will keep checking and post a reply.

        Also the River John Fire Department has one scheduled for July 22nd from noon-3pm (or sold out). No costs yet, but usually in the $20 range.


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